why (not) me?

The tragedies of late have continued to take to blows: another friend of mine was killed in a car wreck tonight. And oh, how heavy our hearts this season!

When tragedy strikes people, so frequently we hear the question "Why me?"

More and more, though, my heart seems to scream at me in the midst of this mess and say: "Taylor, why not you?" Why were you spared when you drove on ice? Why did you get out of the mall ten minutes before gunshots? Why did you live through your elementary school years?

I do not yet know the answer to either question, but at the end of the matter, I am more aware that this life is but a breath: dust and ashes. I am more convinced that I am at the mercy of a God that is sovereign, ruling, in command of all the affairs of the universe. I am more persuaded to trust that he is good and that he is working all things for good.

That is my only hope.


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