the fight of our lives

Fighting to see the light
With a mask over my eyes
My world seems oh so frail
Behind this shallow veil
There is something still
At odds against my will
Warring to do right
On a battlefield of night

Quietly a thorn is growing in the recess of my heart
Jesus, please remove it and remind me of who You are
That I may see Your beauty and the wonder of Your grace
And remember why I'm fighting for the One who took my place

Whom have I in heaven or earth besides You?
My flesh, my heart may fail but You are strong!
The kingdom, the power, the glory are only Your due, God
The victory belongs to You, O Warrior

Fighting for the King
I give my everything
But all I am is Yours
To You I look for more
Grace in every station
I place my expectation
Trusting You to conquer
My feeble heart grows stronger


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